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September 11 Email: Body

Missed me again you diaper headed, camel fucking cock-sucker!

Sorry I didn't check in sooner, spent yesterday trying to track down folks and then make it home around all of the closures.

Thanks for the call BB... I'll give further details soon as I can... as far as I can tell, all my peoples are ok. My brother left his job at the trade center earlier this year, my mom retired in June so she was outta there and my dad retired last month so he also wasn't in the area. I don't think I was so lucky with regard to my co-workers, they may have taken a direct hit... it's all too insane right now to tell. Been spending the last 6 months preparing to move folks into the WTC and over Labor Day weekend we put half
of em in there and finalized the setup for the rest of us. I just got my permanent I.D. and had my desk set up in a dealing room on the 50th floor of 1 WTC where I was scheduled to start working "before October".

anyways... back with more soon...



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Wed Sep 12, 2001 12:23 pm

September 11 Email: Subject

Re: [ham-net] Ho? News? Please Check In.


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