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As chance would have it, THATCamp Feminisms South 2013 corresponds with my visit to Emory for the Public Philosophy Conference. Although attending that conference will preclude me from fully participating in THATCamp Feminisms South 2013 (though I’ll be following on Twitter), I would love to share some ideas Mark Fisher and I are presenting at the Public Philosophy Conference.

Specifically, we are holding a workshop on the Public Philosophy Journal (@PubPhilJ) on  Saturday morning, but we would love to share a 15 minute presentation about the journal and how it might relate to the work of THATCamp Feminisms on Saturday afternoon.

In short, the intent of the PPJ is to create a journal that will perform public philosophy as its mode of publication.

By leveraging the open and collaborative capacities endemic to digital communications, the Public Philosophy Journal will cultivate a community of scholars engaged in curating, reviewing, editing, co-writing and modeling rigorous work related to public philosophy broadly construed.

The values of openness and collaboration in addition to our attempts to empower scholars from a diversity of perspectives to create rigorous public scholarship dovetails well with the values of THATCamp Feminisms and we would look forward to learning more about how the PPJ could support the public theoretical work you all are doing.

To learn more about the Public Philosophy Journal, visit

Here is a link to the Prezi we will use to orient our discussion of the Public Philosophy Journal.

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