Feminism, Video Games, and You

Want to know about gender inequality in video games? Interested in how feminists are addressing misogyny in gaming culture? I’ll introduce you to the problems affecting video games today and show why feminist critiques are so vital. I will also present some of the game development platforms that are being used to raise awareness about these issues. Finally, we’ll play some of the games built using these tools and discuss them.

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Performing Public Philosophy

As chance would have it, THATCamp Feminisms South 2013 corresponds with my visit to Emory for the Public Philosophy Conference. Although attending that conference will preclude me from fully participating in THATCamp Feminisms South 2013 (though I’ll be following on Twitter), I would love to share some ideas Mark Fisher and I are presenting at the Public Philosophy Conference.

Specifically, we are holding a workshop on the Public Philosophy Journal (@PubPhilJ) on  Saturday morning, but we would love to share a 15 minute presentation about the journal and how it might relate to the work of THATCamp Feminisms on Saturday afternoon.

In short, the intent of the PPJ is to create a journal that will perform public philosophy as its mode of publication.

By leveraging the open and collaborative capacities endemic to digital communications, the Public Philosophy Journal will cultivate a community of scholars engaged in curating, reviewing, editing, co-writing and modeling rigorous work related to public philosophy broadly construed.

The values of openness and collaboration in addition to our attempts to empower scholars from a diversity of perspectives to create rigorous public scholarship dovetails well with the values of THATCamp Feminisms and we would look forward to learning more about how the PPJ could support the public theoretical work you all are doing.

To learn more about the Public Philosophy Journal, visit publicphilosophyjournal.org/.

Here is a link to the Prezi we will use to orient our discussion of the Public Philosophy Journal.

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Add your sessions ideas!

Hey all!

‘Automated Automatic’: making your social media work for you

I’d like to do a session on how to use social media to aid in feminist activism. Do you feel like social media is taking over your life? Too many statuses to check? Too many things to update? I’ll show you how to cut the confusion and unnecessary noise with tools that help streamline and automate your social web.

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Hello Y’all (we’re southern!)!

Welcome to THATCamp Feminisms South, an unconference for folks interested in the intersections of feminisms and the digital!

We want to tell you what to expect and what you can do to get ready to join us in less than two weeks! Be sure to bring a laptop!

Friday, March 15 10:30 am – 3pm Woodruff Library Research Commons (3rd Floor)

Come to the Woodruff Library Research Commons (3rd Floor) at 10:30am for #tooFEW Feminists Engage Wikipedia a national edit-a-thon where we work to make Wikipedia better.
We will end at 3pm with a teaser of what’s in store for Saturday. To prepare, please register with wikipedia, add to the list of edit/add entries, and spread the word! Breakfast and lunch provided!

If you are in Atlanta join us in the Research Commons this Thursday, March 7th at Noon where we will discuss the ins and outs of the edit-a-thon by watching a video about how they work! Light snack will be provided.

Saturday, March 16 10:00 am – 4pm Woodruff Library Research Commons (3rd Floor)

Saturday we’ll get things started at 10 am with breakfast and deciding exactly what we want to discuss at THATCamp Feminisms. Breakfast and lunch provided!

Suggest your interests in a blog post on the website or come ready to throw your idea on the board! We’ll have three hour-long concurrent breakout sessions, Lunch followed by digital shorts, and a closing report back. You’ll be on your way by 4pm!

We look forward to you joining us and sharing your ideas!

Travel safe, y’all!


THATCamp Feminisms South

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THATCamp Flyer

THATCamp Flyer

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THATCamp Feminisms South!

Feminist: What my friends think i do (get arrested), What my parents think i do (work in corporate america), What society thinks I do (burn bras),  What mansplaners think i do (hurt men), What I think i do ( change the world), What I actually (I'm on the internet)


Hello all!

We are pleased to announce the existence of THATCamp Feminisms South! This is a collaboration among multiple partners and we are working in coordination with THATCamp Feminisms WEST and EAST!

Please join us March 15-16, 2013 at the Emory University Library Research Commons in Atlanta, GA!

More to come soon!


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