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‘Automated Automatic’: making your social media work for you

I’d like to do a session on how to use social media to aid in feminist activism. Do you feel like social media is taking over your life? Too many statuses to check? Too many things to update? I’ll show you how to cut the confusion and unnecessary noise with tools that help streamline and automate your social web.

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  1. 1. One of the issues that has come up especially within the atheist community is the level of vile trolling on feminist blog sight. I am interested has to best deal with this issue.

    2. I want to use the internet to show me, I want to proficient at all the social media especially Icloud, podcasting and just general blogging. However, this task is incredibly time consuming and (I believe) requires a pretty high learning curve. How can I manage many different social networking sites and my sanity at the same time. Basically how to not get overwhelm.

    3. Disability Justice Collective has to rely heavily on the internet to have meetings however, because of different needs and challenge this task can be difficult. How can we create internet communication that will be inclusive of the most of our members?

  2. moyazb says:

    Great questions Charone! Let’s talk about this!!!

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