Feminism, Video Games, and You

Want to know about gender inequality in video games? Interested in how feminists are addressing misogyny in gaming culture? I’ll introduce you to the problems affecting video games today and show why feminist critiques are so vital. I will also present some of the game development platforms that are being used to raise awareness about these issues. Finally, we’ll play some of the games built using these tools and discuss them.

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About Christopher Sawula

I entered the doctoral program in History at Emory University in 2008 after receiving my B.A. from Boston College. My work focuses on the development of American race and class ideologies in the colonial and early republic periods. My dissertation will examine the emergence of laboring identity and distinct working communities in Boston in the first decades of the nineteenth century. I am also currently the graduate researcher for DiSC's Digital Atlanta: Mapping the Battle project. Upon completion, the project will produce a mobile application and website that highlight the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Atlanta.

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